Product Recall: Marin Bikes calls back two mountain bikes

Product Recall

Product recall Marin Bikes

The American bicycle manufacturer Marin Mountain Bikes Inc. recalls two moutain bikes in a safety measure. There is a potential risk of bending the rigid front fork, in the worst case it can bend or break.


Novato, CA (USA) – Two mountain bikes (Pine Mountain 1 / Pine Mountain) are affected by the recall campaign recently launched in the United States (Consumer Product Safety) and Canada (Health Canada). According to the manufacturer, the “…rigid front forks on these recalled bikes can bend or break during use or while jumping, causing the rider to lose control, posing fall and crash hazards to the user”.


It is advisable to immediately check your own mountain bike on the Marin Mountain Bikes website. This security measure has been officially launched  so far only in the United States and Canada. It must be clarified whether models sold / imported to Europe are also affected by this product recall.



Currently affected models:

  • Pine Mountain 1 (model year 2016)
  • Pine Mountain (model year 2017)


Product recall Marin Bikes

(Reference: Screenshot Safety Poster, April 2017)


CAUTION: If you own an affected bike, take it out of operation immediately and do not use the mountain bike anymore. This is for your own safety.


An American service hotline is available for further information: +1(800) 222-7557, Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm (PST).


Reference: Marin Mountain Bikes Inc, April 2017.