Product Recall: LEDVANCE calls back LED luminaires

Product Recall

The German lighting manufacturer LEDVANCE recalls LED luminaires in course of a safety measure. The products posing the risk of an electric shock . Worldwide sales are affected.

Garching (DE) – The recently launched recall campaign affects the “Bulkhead” LED light from manufacturer LEDVANCE GmbH, Germany. According to LEDVANCE “…the luminaire cover can be opened without tools and life parts are then accessible. Under these circumstances and depending on the use, there is a residual risk of an electric shock”.

It is strongly recommended to visit the LEDVANCE website and read the published customer information. The company offers all customers to replace the products of this batch free of charge, which can either simply returned to the dealer or by sending it back to the following shipping address:


Steinerne Furt 62
86167 Augsburg

Recall LEDVANCE LED Bulkead -

(Reference: Screenshot, LEDVANCE GmbH,, January 2019)

Currently affected models:

LED Bulkhead 6W 840 WT, EAN 4058075150546
LED Bulkhead 6W 840 BK, EAN 4058075150560
LED Bulkhead 11W 840 WT, EAN 4058075150591
LED Bulkhead 11W 840 BK, EAN 4058075150614

In case you purchased and installed this product, please do not use the affected LED luminaire anymore. This is for your own safety. Other LEDVANCE products are currently not affected by the recall.

Reference: LEDVANCE GmbH. January 2019.