Product Recall: Brompton Bicycle calls back various bikes

Product Recall

Recall Brompton Bicycle -

The British bicycle manufacturer Brompton Bicycle Ltd. recalls various bikes in a safety measure. There is the potential risk of a failing axle.


London (UK) – A recent, voluntary recall of Brompton Bicycle Ltd. affects several folding bicycles, types M, P, S and H. According to the manufacturer, the bottom bracket cartridge (FAG BB66) exceeded the “reported incidence of failure” and therefore does not meet the high quality standards of their components. An axle breakage may occur in the worst case, while the probability is supposed to be very low.


The bicycles were sold between April 2014 and May 2017. In total, up to 144,000 bicycles are affected by the recall worldwide.



It is highly recommended to check your own bike on the Brompton Bicycle website. Brompton offers to repair the affected bike free of charge. The old component will be replaced by a new, tested bottom bracket cartridge. This replacement can be done at your local Brompton dealer.


Currently affected models:

  • Various Folding Bicycles. Types M, P, S and H. Serial numbers from 1403284144 to 1705150001.


Recall Brompton Bicycle -

(Reference: Screenshot,, October 03 2017)


CAUTION: If you own an affected bike, take it out of operation immediately and do not use the bicycle anymore. This is for your own safety.


service eMail hotline is available for further information:


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