Product Recall: SRAM calls back mechanical Avid rim brakes

Product Recall

Recall SRAM LLC Rim Brake -

The American bicycle component manufacturer SRAM LLC recalls a mechanical rim brake in a safety measure. There is the potential risk of a failing brake.


Ohio (US-IL) – A recent safety recall of SRAM LLC affects the Avid rim brake, type Single Digit 7 V-Brake. According to the manufacturer, “some of the affected brakes may have been manufactured with rivets which may work loose from the brake unit which can cause one of the two brakes to fail. If a bicycle is operated with brakes only on one wheel, the bicycle may experience extended stopping distance or otherwise brake in a manner that is unexpected by the rider”. The worst case is a crash or fall from the bike.


The rim brakes were sold between June 1, 2014 and May 26, 2017. In total, up to 7,000 brakes are affected by the recall worldwide.



It is highly recommended to check your own bike / brake on the SRAM website (direct link to the consumer recall notice). SRAM offers to repair the affected bike free of charge. The old brake component will be replaced by a new, tested brake. This replacement can be done at your local bicycle dealer.


Currently affected model:

  • Mechanical Avid Rim Brake. Type Single Digit 7, V-Brake.


Recall SRAM LLC Rim Brake -

(Reference: Screenshot, Consumer Recall Notice,, October 08, 2017)


CAUTION: If you own an affected rim brake, take it out of operation immediately and do not use the bicycle anymore. This is for your own safety.


SRAM setup a US service hotline for further information: 800-346-2928.


Reference: SRAM LLC,, October 2017.