Product Recall: Nikon calls back D750 digital camera

Product Recall

Recall Nikon D750 SLR digital camera

The Japanese Nikon Corporation recalls a digital camera in course of a technical service advisory. A shutter issue might cause a malfunctioning.


Tokyo (JP) – Two product recalls were already carried out in the years 2015 and 2016 for the popular “Nikon D750 SLR camera”, which was manufactured from October 2014 through June 2015. However, according to Nikon’s latest service advisory, there is still the possibility that the cameras “… may not function normally, sometimes resulting in a shading of a portion of images”. This affects the units manufactured from July through September 2014 and July 2015 through September 2016.


It is recommended to check your own Nikon D750 SLR digital camera on the dedicated Nikon website. The manufacturer offers its customers to service the camera free of charge, replacing the shutter if necessary, even if the official product warranty already expired. Affected customers may contact the Nikon Customer Service to check for inquiries.



Recall Nikon D750 digital camera

(Reference: Screenshot Technical Service Advisory,, July 2017)


Currently affected models:

  • Nikon D750 digital SLR camera, manufactured from July 2014 through September 2016


NOTE: You can check your camera’s serial number with the currently affected products on the following Nikon website. If the serial number of your camera is not listed, a service / repair is not necessary. The D750 SLR camera can still be used without any problems.


In case your serial number matches the list, you will be prompted with the necessary information in order to return your camera free of charge.


Reference: Nikon Inc, July 2017.